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Time Line

Time line


The area  of North Gower around Llys Nini has a long and rich history.

The area was settled by the Romans in the early part of the 1st Century and there evidence that there may have been a Roman practice fortat Llys Nini.


Llys Nini was the subject of a quit claim (deed) in 1507, that showed it was in existance at least 50 years before that. The document mantions Llys Nini's ancient bpundaries.  Ownership can be traed back to 1215 and possibly 960s.


In the 5th Century,  St Teilo and St David probably crossed the land on their travels. There are also possibly links to Llys Nini's founder with King Urien of Rheged, who tried to defend the "Old North" from Saxon invasion and whose sister was Queen of Glamorgan and Gwent.



The 10th Century saw the area fought over by the Kingdoms of Deheubarth ( Dyfed) and Glamorgan. Prince Einon ap Owain ap Hywel Dda of Definwr (Llandeilo) may have given his name to Llys Nini and nearby Gorseinon.



The Anglo Normans invaded, settled and were then defeated in the Battle of Garn Goch in the 12th Century. Llewelyn the Great won Gower back from the Normans and made Gruffudd Gwyr the Lord of Gower. Gruffudd's family continied to own Llys Nini for the next  500 years.



During the War of the Roses Llys Nini was confiscated and then returned to Gruffudd's descendant.



In the 1600s Llys Nini's owners played an active part in the growth of non-conformity and supported Cromwell's puitan cause.

The original stone Welsh cross passage long house was built at this time and extended in 18th Century. Llys Nini became part of the Penllergare Estate in the late part of the century before being sold and finally leaving Gruffudd Gwyr's family.


1807 Llys Nini was bought for £900 by David Jones of Ysradfellte and stayed in his family for the next 200 years. During this time Llys Nini's owners and possibly tenant were involved in the Rebecca Riots locally,  went to ( and returned from) WWI,  and then helped with the relief of the Belsen Concerntration Camp at the end of WWII. 



In the 20th Century Llys Nini was sold 3 times. In 1994 Llys Nini was bought by the local Branch of the RSPCA and since then has been at the Centre of the local, separately registered charity and its work for animal welfare, the environment and people.



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