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  People associated with Gwlad Nini


There are a number of people associated with the Llys Nini, with either the establishment of the site or its name.


Urien of Rheged was a King of the Rheged in the Old North (around Cumbria) before the arrival of the Saxons when most of Wales, England and Southern Scotland was Brythonic ( Welsh).

He had links with Wales. Urien was killed in 590 while he was leading a number of Britsh kings against the invading Saxons. Urien was descended from King Hen Coel or Old King Cole.


Ennini or Enhinti was Queen of Glamorgan, sister of Urien and mother of King Meurig. Llys Nini may have been named after her, Llys Ennini becoming Llys Nini.


Einon ap Owaim ap Hywel Dda - died 983/4 was a prince of Deheubarth (Dyfed) and warrior; based in Llandeilo and controling Gower, he may have established his stronghold east of the Llwchwr ( Loughor). This became known as Llys Einon, or in a latinised orm Llys Eniaun which have have become Llys Nini over the Years.


Hywel Dda Einon's grandfather and King of "All Wales".  Hywel's codified Welsh Law and established Welsh Law in about 950. This was the first written law in the British Isles.


A number of Llys Nini's Owners were famous  or infamous.


Gruffudd ap Cydifor, son of the Lord of Glantawe, joined forces in 1215 with Llewellyn the Great, taking back Gower and much of West Wales from the Normans; after which he re-established his claim as Lord of Gower becoming known as Gruffudd Gwyr ( Griffith of Gower).


Gwilym Ddu and his brothers became local under lords. Gwilym owned a large part of north Gower around Llys Nini. He probably supported the Lancastrian side in the War of the Roses and may have fought and lost at the battle of Mortimer's Cross. He had his lands confiscated and then returned.


Dafydd ap Richard also known as David Nydfwch, collected the family land together and formed the Nydfwch Estate, which he passed down to his sons and grandsons.


Matthew ap John gave his children the English-style surname of Matthew or Matthews. The family was puritan, supporting Cromwell in the Civil War. Marmaduke Mattews was a preacher both in Wales and in America in the years soon after the arrival of the Pilgrim Fathers.


Jane Matthews was the first woman owner of Nydfwch including Llys Nini. She married Griffith Price of Penllergare Hall thereby joining the Nydfwch and Penllergare Estaes.  When Griffiths Prices died the Estae passed to his second wifer for a short time before being sold.


David Jones of Ystrafellte bought Llys Nini in 1807. It stayed in his family for nearly 170 years. His grandson also known as David was a leader of the Rebecca Riots. He was convicted of riot at the Bold Gate in 1843 and sentanced to deportation. But there is doubt as to whether he was sent and died or never left Wales.


The last member of David Jones' family to own Llys Nini was John Richard Everett Jenkins as a medical student he volunteered to be flown to Belsen Concentration Camp to care for the survivors.

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