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Places in and around Llys Nini with istorical importance

Various places have had a profound importance to the history of the local area and Llys Nini in particular. The River Loughor - Afon Llwchwr  has been an ancient boundary between the peoples of the east and west Wales. It can be forded at low stream at Loughor but the lowest  point where a bridge could be built was Llandeilo Talybont - Llandeilo's (church) at the head of the bridge.


This therfore became a strategical place throughout history.

The main east west road ruan past Llys Nini tp the bridge or

ford at Talybont and therefore people and events of great

import  are associated with Gwlad Nini.


Castles were built to protect the crossing, churches established

along the road and major figures such as St David, Cromwell,

William I probably travelled the road.

List of Places mention:

The church and crossing at Llandeilo Talybont.



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