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100.  Pontlliw Village Hall


101 RAF  Bomber Command 60th Anniversary


102   Commonwealth Air Forces Memorial, Malta


103 Gowerton School – Gowertonian Society


104  Air Crew Remembrance Society

105  Operation Market Garden From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia



106. Shropshire casualties and aircraft crashes


107. Carmarthen County War Memorial, Pontarddulais War Memorial


108  Penllergare Trust – Have your say contributor Don Maddox



(as of 30 June 1944)  Black US Troops. Researched and submitted by Phil Grinton




111 Memories of Denis Fowley Farm hand at Llys Nini 1964. Gwlad Nini Project


112   The Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Wal,+MORFA+ROAD,+SWANSEA/


113. Deric John unpublished e mail – project research: July 2011 Deric John
Sent: 20 July 2011 10:48           Subject: Re: Eninni, Einon and Enniaun.

I have searched extensively for Ninny as a hypocoristic form for Einon but to no avail. Variants of Einon include : Enion, Enniaun, Enian, Inon, Inion, Eignon, Egnon, Onion, Onnyons etc. Unnion, Anyan etc. Hypocoristic forms include: Enod, Einyn; the usual pet form of Einon was Einws. There was also Eneas and Eines or Eynes. There is however one example only - of Ennynow - a Dafydd ap Griff' ab Ennynow from Caernarfon docs. This is a tenuous link BUT with further research we may establish a more substantial case for Ennyni being a form of Einon.   Deric.


114. History of New England Baptists: By Isaac Backus, David Weston

115 Wikipedia




117 .

118 Iolo Manuscripts quoted by Mary Jones.



119. Memories of Val Thomas Pontarddulais





124 Bryan Taylor  The Watermills of the Lordship of Gower, Minerva, The Royal Institution of South Wales,  Swansea Museum




126 Catalogue of the Neath Antiquarian Society .


Cited sources in the above.

1420-1480. Gwaith Llawdden (Gol. R. Iestyn Daniel, Aberystwyth 2006.) Moliant Ieuan Gwyn ap Gwilym Fwyaf o Bryscedwyn a Goleuddydd. P117. Ieuan Gwyn was born c1370. p239.

1447-1487. Gwaith Lewys Glyn Cothi (Gol Dafydd Johnston, Caerdydd 1995.) Moliant Dafydd ap Tomas. ‘ p213 …mae’r oesai cadarn ym Mryscedwyn.’ p214. Dafydd was the grandson of Ieuan Gwyn. ‘Dafydd ap Tomas ab Ieuan Gwyn o Fryscedwin.’ p569.

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[Genet Williams, widow of Owen ap Jevan, is undoubtedly the daughter of William ap Dafydd ap Thomas ap Ieuan Gwyn,. see Bartrum 34(A2) ‘14. William etc. & - Jenet = Owain ap Ien Las of Glyntawe’] (14. is c 1460-1500)

1578. Rice Merrick. ‘Pryscedwyn, the house of Thomas ab Ieuan Gwyn ap Gwilym Ddu, and so lineally to Gruffydd Gwyr. Now purchased by John ap Rhys ab Ieuan* of (from) Queen Elizabeth. By Cwrtycarnau stood an old chapel lately decayed, but now repaired by John ap Rhys.’

‘Hamlets: Glinlochor, Penybont ar Ddylays, Gwenllays, Priskedwen’.

‘The vicarage of the Prince’s gift.’

* (John Price. He was Merrik’s brother-in-law, having married Elizabeth, daughter of Christopher Fleming of Flemingston)

[Rice Merrick, Morganiae Archaiographia, edited by Brian Ll. James. pp.120, 184.]

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1694. Will of Elizabeth Howell (nee Lloyd) widow of Carmarthen. Names – Prysg Edwyn; P. Meyricke, Vicar of Llandilotalybont. [Elizabeth Lloyd of Prysgedwin married John Howell of Llandeilo talybont in 1676 (PR)]

1707. Will of Peter Meyricke, clerk. ‘ my sone John Meiricke a certaine tenement of lande called priskedwin in the possession? of John Walter and Susan his wife, alsoe one tenement of lande called Bolgoad by lease granted to me by William Seys of Killan, Esq. Signed Revd John Meyricke re Llandilotalybont.

1719. Will of Anne Lloyd, late wife of Walter Lloyd of Briskedwyn.

1745. Will of John Thomas. Land of John Meyrick late deceased called Ty yn y coed ycha otherwise Prisk Edwin.

1763. Will of William Mathew of Nidfiwch fach, Llangevelach, Tailor. Money owed to him by William David of priskedwin.

1771. Will of William Lloyd of Briskedwin. ‘I give and bequeath all the Real Estate that I have in the world both in England and Wales to my nephew William Harris and after his lifetime to his brother Walter Harries’. The Estate was to pay his brother Richard Lloyd ten pounds a year, and likewise ten pounds to his niece Sage Lloyd. The will was proved in Canterbury in 1771 to Walter Harris. [This basically was the end of the house of the Lloyds of Priscedwyn.]


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Peniarth MS 118 f.829-837


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Knights  Hospitaller


In search of |Nydfwch and the Matthews Family.  Jeff Childs Gower Journal

141 Interview Frazer Gardiner Engineer building M4 Pontarddulais Bypass 1974 -78

142  Interview Hugh Jones Engineer building M4 Pontarddulais Bypass 1974 -78 and local public liaison official.

143. Interviews with Sion Alun, son of Mabel and Vic Thomas, resident at Llys Nini from 1958 to 1992

144.  Interview with Mrs Mair Mosford nee Erazmus of Penderi Cottages.

145. Motorway Archives.

146. Brut y Tywysogion
Jesus MS 111 (Red Book of Hergest) translated by Mary Jones





IN TWO VOLUMES VOL. I LONGMANS, GREEN, AND CO.  1911 reprinted Bibliolife


148 1994




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