Pictures of Llys Nini past and present 

Some pictures from the 1960s to the present day. Te current Admin Block is built on the footprint of the old house.

sketch of original house
Llys Nini

Royal Commission circa 1960

Royal Commission circa 1960

Old house 1994
Modern Llys Nini

The new build from the east


The old house from the east

Door to stairs behind fire place
Door to stairs behind fire place
Back of kitchen ( hall)  withTy Bach
Vic Thomas in barn with son c 1960
House from the hay barn ( from west
Vic Thomas in barn with son c 1960
Original long house door
Barn interiors

left circa 1960

right circa 1994

Left Looking at hay barn from the house


Right looking west to milking shed

5 photos circa 1960 from the Royal Commission
Sale at Llys Nini

possibly 1992 when Vic and Mabel Thomas left the farm?

Llys Nini 2013

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